Opioids & Substance Use

The AHRQ Academy provides information to support those who are implementing medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder in primary care settings.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Opioid Initiative   

Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) 63: Medications for Opioid Use Disorder
This TIP from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides guidance on the use of three medications approved to treat opioid use disorder.

AHRQ Intensifies the Battle Against Opioid Misuse in 2017, Commits to More Progress in 2018
This blog from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reflects on the agency’s work related to the opioid epidemic in the past year.

Reducing Prescription Opioid Misuse in North Carolina
This blog from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion describes the Project Lazarus model in North Carolina, which uses community-based interventions to reduce prescription opioid misuse.

Opioid Use Disorders: HHS Needs Measures To Assess the Effectiveness of Efforts To Expand Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment
The Government Accountability Office released a report that recommends the Department of Health and Human Services establish performance measures and evaluation timeframes related to expanding access to medication-assisted treatment.

SAMHSA Finalizes Rule Updating Confidentiality of Substance Use Disorder Patient Records
SAMHSA issued a final rule on January 3, 2018, to reflect changes in the U.S. health care delivery system while maintaining privacy for individuals receiving treatment for substance use disorders.

Tools & Resources

The Opioid Epidemic: From Evidence to Impact
This report from the Clinton Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health recommends ways to make the use of prescription opioids safer and identify and treat people with opioid use disorders.

Opioid Misuse and Diversion Change Package
This toolkit from Quality Insights provides tools and resources for providers related to the prescription of opioids and pain management to help prevent opioid misuse and diversion.

Addiction Resource Center
This set of resources from the Addiction Policy Forum helps individuals and their families learn more about substance use disorders and how to get help.

Research Findings

Interdisciplinary Management of Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care
This study in Annals of Family Medicine describes a model for the implementation of medication-assisted treatment in primary care that emphasizes behavioral health services.

Communication Strategies To Counter Stigma and Improve Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorder Policy
This article in Psychiatric Services discusses the need for effective communication strategies to increase public support for policies that help individuals with behavioral health conditions.


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Development of Medications To Prevent and Treat Opioid Use Disorders and Overdose
The National Institute on Drug Abuse released a Funding Opportunity Announcement to assist the development of medications to prevent and treat opioid use disorders and overdose.


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