The AHRQ Academy offers numerous products to help integrate behavioral health and primary care. The National Integration Academy Council (NIAC) and project team members developed these products to provide definitions, measures, exemplars, strategies, lessons learned, and other practical wisdom for application in the field.

The AHRQ Academy Web Portal video provides an overview of the all Academy products.

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Note: The video features the old Web site structure but most descriptions of products are current.

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Access all the Academy’s products below.


Gain a practical definition of behavioral health integration as implemented in actual practice settings and develop shared language that helps communication and collaboration across sites, disciplines, and time.

Literature Collection

Review the growing body of evidence evaluating the integration of behavioral health and primary care.


Follow guidance on how to integrate behavioral health into primary care or other ambulatory care settings to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes.

IBHC Measures Atlas

Assess whether your clinic or practice is providing integrated behavioral health care.

Professional Practices

Find out how practices are successfully integrating care and explore the set of competencies that practices, providers, and staff need to advance integration efforts.

Opioid & SU Resources

Access resources for providers treating opioid use disorder in primary care practices.